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Hi all,
This is probably a real easy question, but I must admit I'm kinda puzzled. I'm modifying a Headerless/Detail form that is uses an = filter on the header date control value. QBE is allowed on some columns but the FIND Control is grayed out. I can't seem to see where to activate it. I have checked the form properties, JDE Documentation, and JDE OneWorld A Developers Guide. I must admit though that I was "rushing" today as we need this form fixed asap.
Can anyone offer a suggestion?



B733.2, SP 13.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6


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Look in the form event rules for Dialog is initialized ot Post dialog is
initialized for someting that look like...
Disable Control (HC F&ind)


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Hi Bill,

Is the mentioned application is an original OW appl or a custom one?
Have you considered if whether is there a good reason of why is Find grayed out?

On the other hand here is some tips to find out where is it disabled:

1.) Go to the Menu/Toolbar exits in the Form menu of FDA.
* Select the Find row
* Hit Select button
* Check the Enabled/Disabled radio buttons in the State group on the Exit Properties sheet.

2.) Open the Event Rule Designer anywhere for the Form in FDA.
* Select Print in the File Menu or hit the printer icon.
* Select File as Destination, point to a File
* Set the Print Scope to "Form"
* Hit OK to print ERs of the Form to the file
* Open the file (created previously) with a text editor
* Search for "HC F&ind"
* check at hits that is the Find the argument of a Disable Control system function
* If you have found the Disable statement for the Find (take care, could be more than one!) then go backward in the list to find out in which event of which Control/Object does the statement reside.

Good luck & share your results here

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Thanks Zoltan and all who took the time to help.

The answer turns out to be Zoltan's #1 option on his reply. The State group of the Find Row was set to disabled.

Again, Thank you all.

Bill Feeney

B733.2, SP 13.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6