Financial Reporting


Hello Guys ,
I have a report to do which requires a data selection based on doctype and object account, i want to fetch records from F0902 data wrt to these two filter, i am not able to find doc type column in F0902. I am planning to fetch data from F0911 for that which is a tedious task. So is there a smart field and business view which includes F0902 and F0911.

There is no document type in F0902. F0902 is a balance table (not transaction) and document type is used by transactions and is in transaction tables (eg F0911).

I doubt that there would be a smart field that would provide account totals by document type, but I'm not certain. The same goes for business views.
Thanks peter, Without smart field the report becomes quite complicated using doctype as filter and fetch amounts from F0911 and assign it . As the report contains around 65 rows with different Object accounts. Is there another way other than writing ER .

Personally, I prefer to write the ER because then you have complete control over what happens and when. However UBEs come with a lot of potential "shortcuts". So the UBE can do most of the work. Use data selection to trim down you initial select (may be by fiscal year (GLFY) and century (GLCTRY) there may be a limited set of values for document type too). Then sort your data by account and document type (maybe period number too) and break on account and document type (maybe period number too). Then all you need to do is create the totals.

If in doubt about anything, check the manuals.