Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Certification 1Z0-342


I would like to have this certification. Before that, I would like to check with some one already got this certification ( I need to check how the questions will be. )
I was about to as the same question. Is there any way to get some sample questions ?
In order to get the proper audience, should I move this post to some other forum ?
In order to get the proper audience, should I move this post to some other forum ?
I imagine that this would be the right forum! I think there's not much anyone can do to help with exams though.
Hi Dave.
It means no one is doing this certification ? Isn't worth ?

I just browsed this
I've now been at 3 different JDE customer shops over the last 20 years, worked with dozens of JDE consultants, and it's never been brought up with me that myself, let alone one consultant has a certification and another doesn't. Nothing is a replacement for experience, in my experience :)

I'm curious, what is the reason you're pursuing this certification? Is it for a specific job/gig? Is it requested by your client or boss?

Your specific ask, that we give knowledge about the exam and specifically formats and test questions, I think will get few or no response (as you've found) :) I haven't taken the oracle certifications, but other software certifications have been very shallow, and the tests themselves are poorly written and "tricky" with wording. They test on facts hidden in the documentation, but worry much less about the test taker's conceptual understanding of a topic, or the test taker's ability to find the right info using google search (if the test is not open-book). I think that a certification that is worth anything would be given by someone with lots of experience, and only after a practical exam. Sort of like a driver's license exam where the instructor must ride with you in the car.

I think you'd probably get more experience and learn more by spinning up a demo standalone and implementing the module yourself, while having the documentation up next to you (and a google window).

This is my uninformed opinion on this topic for what it's worth.
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