F4111 IMs not created in WO completion for F3111 records that have a value in WMAN8



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Hi folks,

We have a weird intermittent problem in that F4111 IMs are not being written 'randomly' for items on a parts list whilst others are.
Only pattern I've noticed is this

If a component is spread over several LOTN LOCNs and one of those records has a value in WMAN8 but others don't, it doesn't create the IM
I get no error message, but will try and replicate this in UT today.

Any ideas what this bug or feature maybe?

EDIT: I think WMAN8 is populated at the start and then updated as the WO flows. So WMAN8 could be a symptom rather than a cause


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Hi Chan

Thanks for the reply.

Strange thing is if we complete a pallet with several layers say 10, it maybe the 3rd 7th layer that this happens. So it's not all layers with that ITM

Also what does item restriction mean? I'm a developer not an analyst :)
Do you mean P40070?
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