F03012 CO Records


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I am a developer.

I uploaded records from csv file to F03012Z1(Batch Customer Master). The csv file contains records for CO 00999. When I ran R03010Z, it created two records for one AN8, one record for CO 00999 and another record for CO 00000. Line of business is turned on.

What is the purpose of CO 00000 record?

Can I keep both records -- CO 00999 and CO 00000?

Since you have line of business turned on it will create two separate records for customer master - one for each company.
This (LOB) allows you to have different values for the customer for each company - credit limits, tax information, payment terms, etc. This, I believe, will put two records in the F03012 table - one for each company.

Company 00000 record is the record that holds the combined information for all the companies in the line of business for that customer. I think the 00000 record is used for stuff like AR statistics, inquiries and stuff like that.
I'm thinking you will need at least the '00000' record and it depends if you want the other record to differentiate customers by company. Having both records will not hurt you as it will allow customer information to be be changed for each company's requirement.

That is my opinion...