Evolution of JDE from S/36 to Xe & SAVCHGOBJ failures


Hello list:

I have a question that is in regard to the post on the evolution of JDE

for S/36 to Xe.

My Platform is AS/400 V4R4 (Georgia and Arkansas -- see below).

We just converted our operation in Georgia from O/W to Xe. Now the

SAVCHGOBJ does not pick up much of anything on the nightly backup. For

instance the F0911 on a WRKOBJ shows no changes (Georgia's Xe only).

However the DSPFD shows records were changed within seconds of the

execution of the DSPFD F0911 *MBRLIST.

It looks as if Xe is using outboard processes (i.e. ODBC or whatever) to

perform the maintenance and since a process access group (PAG) is _not_

being used the WRKOBJ does not show any changes being made. Therefore

the SAVCHGOBJ fails to include the F0911 in the nightly backup.

This is what is happening and what the AS/400 is reporting in Georgia

with Xe.

The SAVCHGOBJ worked with O/W in Georgia before the upgrade and World

Vision in Arkansas.

Since this is a developers forum, I assume someone running AS/400's has

encountered this issue -- however, if I am in the wrong place, where

should I post this question?

TIA (Thanks in advance)


Fred Short
Alltel Technical Services -- JDE Support
(501) 220-5387

Fred Short
Senior Systems Engineer
Alltel Information Services
World Vison 7.3
One World B7.33
Hi Fred,

First of all, You Are Welcome on the XE sites of the JDEList Forums/Lists!

Although, I can not answer your issue, I can answer where you can post it.

Yes, this is a developer List/Forum but never mind, maybe you will get the solution here, but really the other XE Forum/List is the right place for your issue.

Have you internet access? If yes, go to the
and select the "OneWorld /XE" Forum instead of the "OneWorld /XE Developers" (we are here currently).

Both XE Forum are joined with its mailing list, the developer's with the
"[email protected]"
and the other with
"[email protected]"
so you can send your issue to the other List/Forum sending an e-mail to the "[email protected]" address. As far as I know it also requires a separate registration. You can register yourself on the
up to September 1, after that day you can do it on the
address. You know, Eric (our great Support) announced this JDEList changes.

I really hope, you will get the solution soon on either of the two XE List/Forum.

Welcome aboard!

P.S.: I really liked that you have written "TIA (Thanks in advance)" instead just "TIA".

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)