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Looking for anybody that has installed the JD5550 ESU Enhancement on 7332.
Have you had to apply any other ESU's to fix it.
Any other snafu's I should know about before or after I install it.


William "Brian" Wilkinson
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JDEdwards OneWorld B7332 SP14.1
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Platform SP6a
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 SP2 with hot fix 851
Microsoft Mdac 2.5
Citrix Metaframe 1.8

William “Brian” Wilkinson
Quickie Manufacturing
856-829-7900 x143


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Overall, the JD5550 is one of the best ESU's/ASU's that JDE has ever come
out with. I've also found that a number of the mandatory ESU's were
forgotten. In our case there was no record of the mandatory HR/Payroll ESU
from last July so I had to manually populate the jdeplan.mdb with the
required info.

On B7332 you will need to do a couple of extra items but you can get this
info now of the Breaking News section of the knowledge garden.

I've only ever had a problem with one ESU after putting the JD5550 in but it
didn't take long to resolve. If you're on B7332 only apply ESU's to the
CRP733, DEV733 and PRD733 environments. DO not try applying ESU's to JDEPLAN
or DEPB733.

Good Luck


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS