Error on RUNUBE


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Greetings All ...

First time to try the /400 RUNUBE command results thus:

Signal SIGABRT raised (abnormal termination).
Application error. C2M1601 unmonitored by QC2UTIL1 at statement
0000000005, instruction X'0000'.
Function check. CEE9901 unmonitored by RUNUBETEST at statement 300,
instruction X'0010'.
CEE9901 received by RUNUBETEST at 300. (C D I R)

Anyone ever seen such?
What does it mean?
What do I do now?

Many thanks ...

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We've found that by moving up to SP15.1 it seems to have soved all our issues with RUNUBE. We were told that we needed to do this to solve some of our RUNUBE problems.

However, you might want to try some of the following as well...

1. I assume the UBE runs when you run it on the enterprise server. If not, this must be solved first.

2. Do you have an entry at all in Work Serevr Jobs. If present, have a look at the PDF, it may show something.

3. Try starting debug (STRDBG) with no program but setting update prod files = *YES. Then run the RUNUBE from t a command line. Examing the job logs may then show something...

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Had this same error last night!

In my case, I had the name of the UBE wrong in the RUNUBE command.

I had a "0" zero for the letter "O" in the name of the UBE....

Another possiblilty is that the UBE is not installed on the server which might be the case with a new UBE or a new version that has never been installed.



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Thanks for the quick response ...


runube: JDB_InitEnvOvr failed with rcode = 0
Press ENTER to end terminal session.
Job Log shows:
Signal SIGABRT raised (abnormal termination)

Tweaked the environment parameter in the RUNUBE, no affect.
Changed the user-id and password to be a different user, and it is still
Go figure.

Thanks again.

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I had this very problem. It is a known problem with the RUNUBE command and
is supposed to be fixed in SP16. I was given a Breaking News document,
OTI-01-0048, which gives you a work around for making this work. Here's the
basic info from that document...

The issue:
The problem is that when running the RUNUBE command from the command line
with multiple UBEs in succession, OneWorld creates a SQLPKG named OWPKG.
OWPKG occasionally becomes corrupt in the above scenarios. So far, this
issue has only been seen with the installation of SP15.

The workaround...
Delete the OWPKG SQLPKG that get created in the syslib (e.g B7333SYS). If
you are submitting UBEs through scheduler in a jobqueue with other UBEs, you
will need to set up a CL program to delete the OWPKG SQLPKG after each UBE
has run.

Pending resolution:
Development is preparing a fix that should force all UBEs run through RUNUBE
to create their own SQLPKG instead of re-using the OWPKG SQLPKG . The SAR
for this fix is 5094624 and will be corrected in SP16.

Toni Nanneman

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