Error on package deployment...

Ricardo Paz

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Hi list...

Anybody out there knows what this error means? "Error Code 107 Path Code
not defined for Enterprise Server"...

The error appears on the .PDF when I try to deploy a full package to the
enterprise server....

Thank's in advance.

OW B73.3.2 SP 10.1 / NT 4.0 Sp 6a/ SQL 7.0 (XE and Win2000 soon)

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I am running XE but the solution is probably the
same. One place to check is the Machine
Identification. Check under "Foundation, Tools,
System instalation, Advanced operations" for
application P9654A. Then go to the machine defination
and select environments to see if the missing
environment is there. If it is not just add it and
this should clear up your problem.
Good luck.

Bill Godfrey
XE SP 14.2
AS400 V4R5

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I had the exact error. It took me about a week to figure out and the
problem was the path code I tried to deploy to was not defined for the ES.
To fix this:

1. Goto menu GH9083
2. Select program P9654A, Machine Identification
3. Click Find
4. Expand the branch that says Enterprise Server
5. Double-click on your Enterprise Server
6. Select Form|Environments in the Enterprise Server Revisions program
7. Add the pathcode that you are trying to deploy to

Good luck,

Chi Lee
B7331 SP11.3, SQL Server 7, NT4, Citrix W2K