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Error - Calling RPG from Interactive Application

Hello List

I am getting the following error message while using
B34A1030 to call an AS/400 RPG Program.

Error message : 'PGM' is not recognized as an internal
or external command, operable program or batch file.

I am passing 'CALL PGM(LIBX/PGM1)' as a szCommandLine

Do I need any extra setup or any OCM mappings

Thanks for all the help

Madhusudhan Bandari

Where can I find (which directory) JDE APIs.
I want to integrate a third party application to JDE
one world using JDE API set.

Like Ex: 'F30008BeginDoc'
This business function is part of the Master Business
Function (API) for Work Center Rate Revisions. This
function will:

a. Assign a job number (JOBS) to be used to identify
the cache.

b. Edit the Action Code.

Thanks in advance.


Well Known Member
The "CMD" command is native to the AS/400. If the UBE containing this Business function is running on the as/400 it should work. If you are runing it on a Windows box (locally, or a App server) then you need to add this; "C:\winnt\rmtcmd.exe" to the beginning of your command line. This will tell you NT box to call this command on the AS/400. Therefore the entire command would look like "c:\winnt\rmtcmd.exe CALL PGM(LIBX/PGM1)"

Good luck