Enable full width characters to for Taiwan OU


I am running format payment instructions program and the output is converted to an etext file using xml publisher. Requirement is for Taiwan OU. My requirement is certain fields they require the field to be printed in full width characters instead of half width. Your help will be much appreciated.



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eText format is not for printing but for data exchange. What is the encoding reference in your resulting eText file? When you say half-width versus full-width are you referring to what they look like font-wise (in your text editor?) or the actual Unicode characters that are ending up in your output? Are you referring to what the roman (ASCII) characters look like alongside the Traditional Chinese characters?

I suggest you attach a document or a couple of images that highlight where you are experiencing this half versus full width challenge and I might be able to give a useful answer.


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In our shop, we've made it a standard to use "Arial Unicode MS" font for all BIP output. All our templates only have 1 font "Arial Unicode MS". The only other fonts we use are specialized fonts like MICR, barcode, signatures. That way, we can print a wide range of characters, including CJK Unified Ideographs.


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Arial Unicode works well but keep in mind potential license implications for BIP use. The font is licensed via Windows / MS Office for single user use. For server use, especially automated processes that produce output there is a requirement to license the font from Monotype GmbH and that license is based on server cores. While there is essentially no mechanism to enforce this, I steer my clients down the Oracle provided equivalent fonts in the Albany family which cover all the CJK languages and are a nearly perfect match for Arial.