Emergency - Reconciling A/P Trade Account


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Our "As-Of" Open Summary Report is not matching up to our Account Balance.

I have talked to JDE and ran all the integrity's you can think of and none
of them are pulling any info. Has anyone had this problem before, or have a
SQL Statement, QRY or anything to find the problem.

Please Help,
Jimmy Berry.
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Hi Jimmy,
I was talking with our Accounting support team member and she said that
there is a report that needs run first before you run the "As of" report.
It is R04901(Create A/P 'As of' files). Run it with the following criteria.

Data selection - Leave blank
As of date - "Month End" date
Update - leave blank
Prepayments - Leave blank

The output report will be blank. Now you can run your report.

Hope this helps!!

Kerri L. Lange
Systems Analyst
Hub One Logistics
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