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Embedded BIP Print Dialog


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Hello All,

We are using BIP for several documents and are rolling out versions of the R42565. We have come up against an issue with the Print options. When you have Printer selected in the Bursting options, the normal JDE Print Dialog screen appears when you submit a job. This is exactly what we want to happen. However, the Print Immediate box is checked. This is what we don't want to happen.

There are a couple reasons why we need a third option. We put a lot of focus on efficiency and ease of use for the users, especially in Customer Service, so these are the concerns for us.
1. We have several versions where the user needs to be able to decide to print immediate on a case by case basis. We don't want to waste paper, but we also don't want them to have to click through to P95630 dialog when they do need it printed since it adds several clicks to the process.
2. Users have learned to expect the Printer Dialog box when submitting UBEs and click through it extremely quickly as a habit when not needing to print immedate. If we turn the printer dialog off to avoid wasting paper, the users end up clicking through the job they are submitting and hitting buttons on whatever application is behind. This can lead to freezing/locking of their JDE session in some cases.

I have a post open on Oracle Community where the response basically has been working as designed. So my primary question here is: Has anyone figured out a setting/way to show the dialog box with the Print Immediate unchecked?

Thank you for your help,