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Electronic Bank Statements


Hello Folks,

A while back I posted a question concerning receiving monthly electronic bank statements and getting that data into the appropriate tables in OneWorld for account reconciliation. My question now is has anyone done this that is familiar with the Bank Administration Institutes (BAI) Version 2 format for flat files? That is the standard format in which we receive the EBS and I'm curious if anyone has experience with that file format and getting data from a flat file in BAI Version 2 format into OneWorld tables. I've had some input earlier from folks who have done similar type things (without reference to the file format) who gone directly into the F0916/F0917 tables using a table converter. The same people have said that on hind sight they probably would have gone to a custom z table first, then use a UBE to edit and write the data to the F0916/F0917 tables.

I guess my concern is should I handle the parsing of a flat file in BAI Version 2 format outside of JDE and push to custom z table or can JDE handle the format. If anyone has done anything like this I would appreciate your input.


Randy Dennis

David Robertson

Reputable Poster
Hi Randy,

I think I answered your previous question on this.

The reason I was recommending to use the Z files was because of the short coming of JDE Table Converter UBE's.
- Changing the source flat file requires rekeying all of the ER logic in the TC.
- Because of the ER structure, I have one enormous block of ER, with many levels of nested loops and conditions to combine the info I need from a large number of records in the flat file. This is becoming a nightmare to modify, and to tweak to match what the banks actually send.

As I said, with hind sight, I would keep the Table Converter ER as simple as possible, writing to some custom relational db Z tables. Then run a UBE over it to do all the editing and scrubbing logic.

If you have a way of parsing the text file from, then that may be a better way of doing it. Although I like table converters in principle, I find them to be a real pain when you need to rely on them and are going to use them regularly in production. I would still probably recommend you write to some custom Z tables to give you flexibility for any other processing you may need in a UBE.