EFT File using R0457

Ann Daechsel

We are in the process of setting up EFT. All setup has been done but we are having trouble with the file out put. Particularly with Record 1 field 2 position 4-13 this needs to be the bank customer number(ours) and what is being populated is the transit and institution number. Where do I go to get this changed?
What country are you processing for? There are various versions of R04572 built for different countries (R04572OZ for example). You change the UBE to use in the set up for the payment instrument.
we are in Canada. I was just on the phone with Oracle and they have not set up a report for us to use. They told us that we needed to do our own report.
Hi Ann
You should have R04572C for Canada.
we used to have our in house app for EFT but use vision craft which gets the information from pdf.

You can read about the available Print programs in JDE financial manual