EDI and How You Implemented It on 1W


We've implemented 810 invoices and have developed the processing for inbound 850's as well, but I'm interested in talking to other clients about how they developed the "missing pieces" of data or functionality.

e.g. Did you customize using the toolset or pre/post process externally with other application languages like SQL? How'd you solve the shipto/address issue?

I'd also like to discuss anyone's experiences in implementing the 856 on Xe.




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We are in process of converting to Xe but I have set up EDI at many other JDE shops. For 810 invoice outbound I do have an RPG program that updates necessary information that was not extracted in R42565. The 810 post update RPG pgm will run after invoicing in nitely process and will also run add to mailbox (use TrustedLink EV5) and the update as sent pgm.

I have handled the 850 PO inbound differently based on customer's resources and needs. One option used was a document exit program to edit (rej if errors) and update. Another option was to write to temporary files with editing and error processing over them (users did not like JDE revisions screens). I prefer to create my own EDI master control file and shipto xref but have used the long address field and have used EV5 internal table to do conversion also. I think JDE would like you to use the long address filed for shipto code but some companies have already used that field (usually from the previous systems cust#).

I have not done 856 in Xe but have found more functionality than in World 7.3 which hardly supports ASN (biggest problem there is ship confirming the same item in multiple containers).

One World Xe B7333 SP15.1, World 7.3, AS400, NT 4.0 Deployment Server, EDI TrustedLink E Version 5 (Premenos)


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For this trasaction I usually have some sort of
preprocessor that scrubs the data before giving it to
the R47011. For some clients I write this as a
seperate application/UBE that when finished calls the
R47011. Other clients already have so much customer
specific code in RPG that we retro fit that code and
pass into the F47's good data. Depends on what the
customer already has
In the past I have set up a custom program that will
take the data from the F47046/461/47 as well as some
other data and writes it to some custom tables that
the translator could use.
not pretty. JDE has most of the logic to do an ASN,
but the system is not very good at the handling of
SSCC codes. The pack confirm process is weak, and
there is no tie back at ship confirm if lines are
partialed, or split onto two different trucks, etc. I
have done some heavy mod's to get the data to flow
correctly. but again the actually ASN piece works

With all that said I guess I havent answered your
questions, so 1) we used RPG to pre and post validate
the data (I have used VB to do some basic inbound
srubbing also), 2)either by having lookup table
intranslator, or coded in RPG to solve the ship to
issue. I have not implemented the 856 in Xe just

Good luck

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