Convert Tradacoms V9 to F47 (accepted by JDE)


My organization is exploring ways to convert EDI orders inbound and invoice & sales orders outbound in Tradacoms V9 format to the F47 format that JD Edwards takes messages in.

For example, one of my organization's trade partners sends data in the following format (Tradacoms V9):

STX=ANA:1+5000169000001:JOHN LEWIS PLC+5016878000009+180115:112637+982+ELDOON+ORDHDR+B'MHD=1+ORDHDR:9'TYP=0430+NEW-ORDERS'SDT=5016878000009:441759+Adnams "D"'CDT=5000169000001'FIL=979+1+180115'MTR=6'MHD=2+ORDERS:9'CLO=5000169008560:856'ORD=69915700::180115'DIN=180117++1900'OLD=1+4102430013400:310082++:05442301+6+72++++BITBURGER PREM BEER310082 4X330ML'OTR=1'MTR=7'MHD=3+ORDTLR:9'OFT=1'MTR=3'END=3'

We need a way to export all of this and convert it into F47 format to be able to import it in to JD Edwards (call it an interface, if that is the right word). Please advise how we can go about this conversion process? Is there a way by which we can do it internally, or do we necessarily have to look for a third party consultant who can help us achieve this?

We are implementing the ERP solution - JDE 9.2 Enterprise across the company.

Your attention is much appreciated!