E1 strips out file URL scheme


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I want to download a file that exists on the deployment server. In my APPL, I use a text block control -> create a new segment and make it clickable. I use the Go To URL business function and I entered the below syntax because I want to download that file on the deployment server.


When I click on the link it changed it to


That's good except that it's missing the semi-colon. I tried putting in two semi-colon but no luck.

Do you know how to make it so it retains the semi-colon?


This is just a guess, but since the '\' character is used to designate the following character for the slashes you need, try putting a '\' before the colon to see if it keeps it in the string.

One other thing you could try is to eliminate the 'file' on the front-end.

Good luck