E1 Most Used Applications



I'm trying to get information about which E1 applications get used most in our company. I need this because I want to script the most used ones so I can get performance response times for them (using Citrix Edgesight).

I know i can get the call object cache info from Server manager, but this just gives business function details. I'm after the same sort of info as that but at application level (how many times called etc.).

Anyone know how I can get this (other than full debugging on the JAS servers etc.)?

Is there any 3rd party software that might gather this data?

We're on E1 8.12, TR is
Question 16: Is there a table that stores the usage of applications by user?

Answer 16: No, there is no table storing that information. Enhancement request under Bug 16411657 - E1 INTERACTIVE APPLICATION USAGE
I did attend a presentation of a 3rd party tool that captured this data at a JDE site here in Australia - not sure about what version of JDE you need to be on (or what other tools are about), but further info can be found via http://myriad-it.com/solution/analytics-solution/
Please note: I have no affiliation with this organisation.

Good luck with your search.
I believe a 3rd party security software such as Q Software for E1 also can deliver on your requirement.