E1 archiving using MS SQL Table partitioning


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Hello All,

Wanted to get feedback, if anyone using Microsoft SQL server 2008R2 successfully implemented its table partitioning feature for E1 tables ?

We are considering it versus Arctools. The concern we have with Arctools that it involves business analysts to clean up the data and address orphan records concern. While both of these concerns are legitimate, we don't have the bandwidth and the time for this type of analysis.

Simply put, it will be much easier and quicker to move older data (using date criteria or something similar) to another partition.

Any feedback on this will certainly be of great help.



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Have you seen Purge It?

I'm currently getting my teeth stuck into this as we speak. It has modularised archiving that does integrity checks. So F03B11 will check F4211 etc, that kind of thing

Jaise James

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We have done this for certain large table and seeign good improvement on performance. We have done tables like F0911/F0911/ and F0901


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I don't mean to be pedantic but you may want to change your title to "E1 Performance" and not archiving. Table partitioning is not archiving; you are simply storing the table in multiple files which is inherently seamless to the application.

Anyways, the only other comment I would make other than that its a good idea is that pre-upgrade you may want to put your table back together.


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Thanks all for your feedback, we'll look further get a better E1 performance by leveraging table partitioning.

In regards to Purge-it, thanks for that tip as well, we'll look into that product too.