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  1. E8.11 SQL Database maintenance

    Hi All, We are on 8.11 With SQL 2005 and we don't have a SQL Admin in house. We are running DB maintenance that was given some time ago but we think we will need some help from SQL expert. Can anyone recommend a SQL admin professional to support on and off with necessary tasks. Thanks, Clarence
  2. E9.2 SQL Server index fragmentation

    All Wanted to check how you keep up with index management for your production SQL databases. Are there any tools available? Any idea how long will it take for a 600gb database where indices are fragmented by over 90%? Can someone share the script for rebuilding/re-organizing? TIA
  3. MFreitag

    BI Publisher - Migrating Scheduler Jobs and Job History ... on MSSQL

    So today i stumbled over this: https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/bi12214/lcm/OBIUP/GUID-BA2F375C-7436-4C6C-B552-5BA7CBD6E9D7.htm#OBIUP-GUID-CCC0A118-0AE4-47AE-89E0-473B5DAB6572 Seriously?! Nope, not having it. So i had a look at bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql and it didn't seem too...
  4. SQL Server Timeout Settings

    Hello All, We are experiencing a lot of locking on our 9.2 system. In looking for answers, I found a post on the List discussing locking. One reply referenced time out settings. It isn't clear if they are referring to the settings on the HTML server or the enterprise server. I don't seem...
  5. How to connect tables from SQL server to Oracle database

    Hi All, We have this issue. We have JDE E920 on Oracle database running on AIX and need to make select to some tables on SQL server. My idea is to make a DB view and fake E1 table. But I don´t know, how to make connection to SQL server from Oracle database... Thanks for help. Petr
  6. JDE Database Column Definitions Change in 9.2

    We are migration JDE 8 (AS400) to JDE 9.2 (SQL Server). We noticed a lot of database column definitions are now float instead of integer/numeric. For example, AN8 used to be numeric(8,0) in AS400 but become float in SQL server. We would like to make those numeric/integer columns as it is...
  7. E1 archiving using MS SQL Table partitioning

    Hello All, Wanted to get feedback, if anyone using Microsoft SQL server 2008R2 successfully implemented its table partitioning feature for E1 tables ? We are considering it versus Arctools. The concern we have with Arctools that it involves business analysts to clean up the data and address...