E1 9.0 Upgrade and Deployment Server / build issues


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We are upgrading to E1 9.0. I have the deployment server installed and used snapshot so I can flip back and forth between 9.0 and 8.11. I have completed the platform pack install as well on the iSeries. Now, when we do an update package from our 8.11 build workstations (they are full dev clients set up for this purpose and have worked fine in 8.11 for years) we get old buildlog.txt files from 3/4/2004, instead of todays date. The appendlog.txt is also old and refers to server DENMASTERONE that are not on our network and never were. Has anyone ever encountered this? The ClientBuild.log and SvrPkgBuild.log are fine and refer to the correct e811 share and deployment server.

We are at, 8.11 SP1, V5R4, WebSphere 6.1
Thanks, Karry


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To give you all an update the details of this problem we are having:
I have noticed that the appndlog.txt, buildall.txt, NoSource.txt, NotChkdn.txt are copied from the the parent pathcode work folder, DV811\Work. The BuildReport.txt was copied from the same DV811\Work folder, but was appended to with the current package details.

Could this be caused by using snapshot?

I appreciate your help with this. Thanks,