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Dynamically choose printer

Hi All

Client is on World A9.3. We've setup BIP embedded (really EDD) for the purchase order print program (P43500).

New requirement is for BIP to dynamically choose the IPP printer based on MCU. There is a reluctance to use email, I'm not sure why.

From my research this cant be done. We would need to setup separate versions for each of the printers.

Is there another way?

Thanks in advance

I have one way.
Dont use bursting instead archive your RD output using JDE INI settings on Enterprise Server.
Use custom logic to access the output and then drive your logic to print that on printer of your choice.


We had the same requirement from a client.
Our first proposition was to use the "bursting" functionality from BI Publisher. You could then include by custom development an specific e-mail address that you can plug to a specific printer (using external third party software).
Client refused, because they did not want to pay for third party software.
So the solution that we chose was to do the bursting in jde custom development (that is, design a function or batch that will submit one report per MCU), then, in the report , you can use custom development to change the printer dynamically using the BSFN Initialize Logical Printer Name.