dot - Matrix Printer

I need information about dot-matrix printer .
because of this , i have to learn the list of dot-matrix printers that are
compatible for printing pdf files in one world.
Could you send me the list of those.
Thank You


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When printing to a Dot matirx printer you will need to set the font to Courier
10 or Courier New 10, this is the only font that will work. Also, WYSIWIG does
not work with RDA and Dot matrix print. You will need to print the report and
see how it lines up, it will be trial and error. Also, make sure there are no
hidden fields in the sections that you are printing. Even though these fields
do not cause problems on a laser printer, the dot matrix will see these fields
and couse overlay problems, i.e.: fields that should be printing will not. And
make sure all the columns in the row line up evenly, if they don't then this too
will cause overlay problems. All these problems have to do with the fact the
RDA and PDF use point of reference and not character reference. It can be a
real pain in the butt. Good luck.

Ken Stern
OneWorld Developer
Andrews Consulting Group