Demand separated Data Dictionary for DV7333 & PY7333


Demand separated Data Dictionary for DV7333 & PY7333.
Database: Oracle 8.0.6
Enterprise: WinNT 4.0

What step I must do?

I’m making some step please check & correct me if I’m not right.

1. Create Tablespace for Data Dictionary for DV7333 & PY7333 in Oracle. (for data & index)
2. Create Owner for new Tablespace & give for it right on it Tablespace.
3. Login as Jde in DEP7333
4. Run Database Data Source
5. Select “System – B7333”
6. Make new record for new Tablespace by make copy from “Data Dictionary – B7333”
7. Repeat step 5-6 for “OneWorld Planer – B7333” and for “…. Server Map”
8. Use Batch R98403 for copy table (F00165, F9200, F9202, F9203, F9207, F92010, F9211, F9212) from Data Source “Data Dictionary – B7333” to new Data Source (DD DV7333 & DD PY7333).
9. Change OCM mapping for DV7333 & PY7333, table was coped now will take from new Data Source.

On step 8 when I copy Table in report of R98403 for Table F00165 was equal number of Record Insert and Record Fail and equal to number of record in source table.
Question: Its Ok?

On step 9 when I change OCM mapping for table (F9200, F9202, F9203, F9207, F92010) I receive message “This table is Common Data File Member…”.
Question: Its Ok?


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Your error on step 8 does not sound good. Did you check the log for errors? It seems to me I remember having problems with table copies on this file before. Let me see if I can shake out the cob-webs.

Your error on step 9 is fine. JDE is just warning that if you copy one table you need to consider copying the others.

I've still got cob-webs here, but it seems you should be able to generate a DD from an environment installation. Does anyone else have any idea with this or am I just confused (it's been a long weekend)?

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