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Hi all,
How to set chrome as default browser in jde standalone 9

Demo 9

Open Chrome and in settings click the button to make chrome the default browser.
Thanks for inputs but already chrome is default browser but everytime apps are run IE is used and it is too slow and finally doesnt bring up the entire form except the title.
any inputs on this...
I tried the compatibility settings in IE even that is too slow so i would like to make chrome as the default browser

standalone 9 in VM using windows 7
Is the link you run from your desktop pointing specifically to IE? If so, change your desktop link to point to Chrome, or just direct it to the URL and skip calling out the browser. Of course, if this is your case, maybe someone had a reason to force IE usage -- may want to check on that.

How are you starting the apps? Is it from the stand-alone fat client? Maybe from the Tools menu and the EnterpriseOne Menus item? Or possibly from within OMW, run html?
IE is defaulted when apps are run using" run html" and also when i go to enterprise one menu from fat client...even the enterprise one menu doesnt display all menus using IE...but if copy the same link in a new chrome it works.
I would like to make chrome as defualt browser for standalone 9

Stanalone 9

I suspected that was how you were accessing the apps.

I'm not aware of anyway of changing the default browser in those circumstances, though I have not looked at the My Oracle Support (MOS) website and others may know how to change it or have a work-around. It may be related to what is certified. Have you looked at the MOS?
Chrome doesn't run to well on my new tools release (
So personally, I wouldn't bother
Sorry to hijack your thread for a moment....

Does anyone have any issues with Chrome in E1 or that old hat, or TR dependant?

Strangely enough 9.0 works fine on Chrome, yet our new test of doesn't.

I'd have expected this issue to be the other way around if anything.


We are starting to test tools with the intentions of cutting over to production with it in a couple of months. Chrome will be our go to browser for the end users. Specifically, what concerns are being seen with chrome and tools ?

It's mainly visual.

I see that the menus etc, seem to bunch up and then expand when you hover over them.
Same for form and grid controls.

It maybe some config thing our end, but it's all fine on IE
Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. In the "Default browser" section, click Make Google Chrome the default browser. You can also make chrome default browser from the control panel.