Debug Master Business Function


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You want document ott-99-0147 off the KG.


build and deploy function in DEBUG to as/400
start service program
start debug
set break points
run your program
watch it in debug until you find your problem

when you're done, end the service program.

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Why all of a sudden am I getting all of [email protected] to my personal
Please everyone check your outgoing email to the list server for any
personal email addresses.

Thank You!!!

Bob Bushley
Haskel International
Burbank, Ca. U.S.A.
XE(B7333)ver SP15.1
AS400 ver V4R5 DB2
Windows 2000 SR2


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I am experiencing the same thing. I believe something has changed in JDELIST
so that the emails come through with the sender's email address rather than
the [email protected] email address. I have a filter set up in my
personal email to send everything from [email protected] into a specific
folder. But since that is not the email address attached to the messages,
everything just shows up in my default in box.

Ellen Deak
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Elkhart Products Corporation
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Re: RE: Debug Master Business Function

Hi Ellen and Bob (and everybody on the JDEList),

Yes, the JDEList process was update on September 1.
Eric Kemtpter announced this changes previously in early August on the both XE Forum/List.
Please, check this threads there with somthing like in the subject "JDEList". The sender was "ekempter" (Eric Kempter).
If you have routing rules based on the TO and CC field in your mailing system then you should change/extend your rules.
Personaly me, I added the rule: /// If bodytext contains "" then move .../// to the already existings rulles in my mailing system and it works fine for me.


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