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Date Invoice closed - RPJCL Partial payment


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I understabnd that RPJCL on F03B11 comes fro RZDGJ on F03B14 but I have recently come across an invoice where the Invoice was not fully paid at the end of September, the remaining balance was matched to credit notes in October.

From F03B14

323797 4 A30-09 80789814 RI 00200 001 14098430 RC 115273 115273 -4921999
323802 3 80789814 RI 00200 001 14098430 RS 115274 115274 -30431
323802 1 80796962 RM 00200 001 14105384 RS 115274 115274 14851
323802 2 80804683 RM 00200 001 14105384 RS 115274 115274 15580
326895 1 A06.10 80804683 RM 00200 001 14105384 RC 115279 115279 5542

Invoice 80789814 had an RPJCL of 115273 which was the first payment even though there was still 304.31 outstanding. This, of course meant it didn't show on the Aged debtors giving us a reconciliation difference.

W have been using JDE for a few years without any issues of this sort but last year we added another company and it is differnt people entering their cash and matching.

Any idea how the closed date can be picking up from Th F03B14 when the invoice is not yet closed? Is it user error? If so, what are they doing wrong?

Any ideas woul;d be greatfully received.


Alex Blasenheim

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I happen to be testing some AR and tried to duplicate your issue. Each time the RPJCL was blank when open. Let me know what you come up with.


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Perhaps this is the outcome of your user process: If the RU (unapplied cash receipt) document was posted to the general ledger prior to applying it to the zero amount invoice (RI), the Open Amount (RPAAP) in the Customer Ledger (F03B11) for the RU record is changed to zero (blank). The Date Invoice Closed (RPJCL) on the RU is updated with the receipt date. The Open Amount (RPAAP) on the invoice (RI) is changed from zero (blank) to the negative amount applied from the cash receipt. If the unapplied cash receipt is not posted to the general ledger, the unapplied receipt record is deleted from the Customer Ledger (F03B11), Receipts Header (F03B13) and A/R Check Detail (F03B14) tables and the invoice is updated with the negative open amount.