E9.2 Data Structure Values Sequence


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Maybe someone can teach Dinosaur (db) a new trick (let's hope so).

During the course of development - we often determine we need an additional value passed in through a data structure (either PO Template or Function Data Structure). The Data Structure tool allows us to plant a parameter at any place in the structure. However, the use of that Data Structure does not honor the location we placed the parameter.

Wanting to be an elegant coder (not just the guy in the corner of the third basement) - I want the presentation of the parameters to be in the same sequence I put them in, using the tool.

Is there a trick, perhaps even through the Noisy .PAR file explosions, to resequence the presentation of the parameters?
- Yes, I realize that the ID (the Sequence Number) is what the many of the processes use and not the actual name of the parameter.
- This is for New Development - no other objects are impacted.

Anyhow - if the trick can be summarized - I'd appreciate the hints.



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Sorry DB, I don't see a way around this. Changing the internal index of a member would not only mean updating every line of code that references the member in the current object. But also any other object that references the DSTR.



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I believe, you can rename the elements OR delete them and add them back in. I've done this by adding the ALIAS at the end for example
It forces the resequence

But do a find in files in C++ for the DSTR and check out change the typedef, check back in everything using it
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If it's a new dev - you'd best off deleting and re-adding - but that comes with it own set of downfalls.

I guess if I want it eloquent - I need to remove the elements and add them back in (in the order that I want them Pretty).

The dinosaur is still breathing...

Thanks All