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Data sequencing


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I would like to sequence data in ascending order using NER rather than from the report template.

Example i have data in UMUSTR column (table F41002) .How can i sequence the data in ascending order using Select (NER Code )?Any system function is available in JDE regarding this?




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In an NER, you are limited by the indices of the table from which you're selecting records. If there is an index on that table that matches your requirement, you can use it in the Select and Fetch Next table IO statements.

If there is no index that matches your requirement, you either need to create one or come up with another solution. A 2-step process would work if adding an index to a base table is out of the question. By this, I mean create a workfile that has the necessary fields and index, read through your primary table and populate the workfile, then read the workfile in the required sequence...something along those lines.

A C-BSFN is another alternative ... the JDB api's allow for a much more flexible/robust option vs. ER Table IO.