E9.2 Data Request Not Returning All Columns


Hi All

I am having a problem with an Orchestration I am trying to write where a Data Request doesn't appear to be returning all columns of data to the calling Orchestration. For a bit of background we are trying to automate an EOD process that processes entries in the Z-tables. We are migrating our E1 installation from iSeries to OCI, but still using the iSeries for processing business data and feeding E1. The iSeries will populate the F0911Z1 on OCI and once all lines for a transaction have been written to the Z-table and entry will be written to the F0005 so Orchestrator knows the transaction is ready for posting.

I have a Data Request defined to read all entries on UDC 56/GL and this should return UDC Key, Description 1 and Description 2:


However, when I run the Orchestration I can only see one Description entry in the Json output:


I'm thinking this is because both DL01 and DL02 are named "Description", but how can I get around this so that both values are returned?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.