Customizing the Auto Suggest feature


I'm sure you are familiar with the technique where JDE uses the ALKY data dictionary field for Address Book "looking" fields on forms, and then scrubs the value behind the scenes to come up with the AN8 value. When using the auto suggest feature, when the user starts typing into the Address Book "looking" field, which is really an ALKY field, the auto suggest does its search over the ALKY field instead of the AN8 field.

Do you know of a way to change the auto suggest so that it will search over the AN8 field and not the ALKY field?


Jillene Reeg
Sr JDE E1 Developer


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Below is information I located in the following doc = (Doc ID 2105915.1)

User created an Auto Suggest Business View to use for an application and enable it by adding a record in Work with Feature Authorizations (F958974). However, doing so at the *PUBLIC level does not work, had to set it up at a Role level. For some of the applications that are accessible by many Roles, this isn't a good solution as each role need 1 record in F958974. Tested this out in the default settings for ALKY for JDV910 for all application (There is a record for *PUBLIC for all app to use Auto Suggest J

DE_ALKYAutoSuggest for data item ALKY), added a record for the P01012 to use JDE_ALKYAutoSuggest_Off to turn off auto suggest just for 1 app, namely P01012, but Auto Suggest is still on for that application. But when set up a JDE_ALKYAutoSuggest_Off record on a Role for the P01012, Auto Suggest is actually turned off for that role.

The user/role/*public hierarchy is implemented for features in Tools Release 9.1.3. Prior to 9.1.3, the only work around is instead of grant all (enable for *ALL app) and override certain app, remove the grant all, only enable for a specific apps inclusively. For override to work, please upgrade to Tools 9.1.3