Customized Confirm Shipment UBE report



I'm currently developing a customize UBE which used to perform what P4205 will do, which is confirm shipment.
I have done some research on the web, and quite a number of ppl recommend "F42UI05 Edit Line" and "Shipment Confirmation End Doc" business functions to do so.
I tried with some sample data input, but it seem to fail without changing anything (next status code, quantity shipped and etc).

Below are all the data i input for each of the business function, hoping expert to point out what's wrong with it.

F42UI05 Edit Line
1 > cProcessEdits
VA rpt_DOCO > mnOrderNumber
VA rpt_DCTO > szOrderType
VA rpt_KCOO > szOrderCompany
VA rpt_LNID > mnLineNumber
VA rpt_MCU > szBranchPlant
VA rpt_LOCN > szLocation
VA rpt_LOTN > szLot
VA rpt_UnitsQuantityShipped > mnEnteredShipQuantity
R55CFSM001 > szProgramID
1 > cWriteIfWarning
VA rpt_JobNumber > mnJobNumberA
ZJDE0001 > szVersion
C > cActionCode
1 > cModeProcessing

Shipment Confirmation End Doc
VA rpt_JobNumber > mnJobNumber
VA rpt_MachineKey > szComputerId
ZJDE0001 > szR42565
ZJDE0001 > szP4205Version
0 > mnLoadNumber

*variables have pre-assign value, except job number and machine key.

What I will like to do in this customize UBE is just, update the location, lot number, quantity ship, and change the status to confirm shipment.
Please help me out.
Well, I don't have a definitive "this is what's wrong" answer for you, but I will offer a couple of suggestions:

1) verify the ZJDE versions are valid for your setup and the data you're attempting to confirm.
2) Look at the P4205 code to find out exactly how you should be calling those functions and if there are any others you may need to call.

Good luck.

Edit: I seemed to have glanced over one of your lines. Are you saying you're not passing a job number or machine key?
If passing a 0 for job number, you should at least try using a both-direction arrow to return it back to your report so you can pass it into EndDoc. You should definitely find out how P4205 handles the job number.
You can use GetLocalComputerId or GetAuditInfo to obtain machinekey.
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Well, for one thing VA rpt_JobNumber > nJobNumberA needs to be in/out <>

No luck for me, tried this and check the P4205 over and over, still nothing.
Hi Barrier,

Did that, but still the same.
Wonder did anyone made this worked before.
You might want to look at R42500. This is the JDE batch ship confirmation that works in hand with the R47500. You may be trying to re-invent something that already exists. We have customized versions of R42500 and the related error reports that serve our needs nicely.
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