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The plan is to move the required JDE files from GTSFNC1 over to GTSLON2, the maximum space that we can migrate is ½ TB. Once this is managed GTSFNC1 will be decommissioned.

Most of the requirements are within OTC, customer ledger With that, the GL of the transactions needs to be captured, keep in mind that contra entry of these transactions may not be in the same entity due to IC.

I’ve also had a thought if we should move the address book to support OTC. The reason being is if someone approaches us and asks for the account ledger for Barry Travel, what JDE number would you enter to query the data? maybe the associated address book tables if you think they will be required i.e. AP master, AR master, and address. What tables are these again??

Finally, how about the control tables, would these be required?