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CSMS Billing Frequencies for Service Contracts


I'm in development mode right now, implementing the CSMS module of JDE One World/XE.

I'm looking for some advice and/or examples of best practices for setting up codes and billing frequencies (P15019) for our service contracts; examples: annual, semi-annual, quarterly.

My specific concern is that though a service contract may require an annual billing, that billing might occur on any given month of the year according to the start date of the contract.

The same goes for semi-annual billing contracts, and quarterly as well.

JDE advises that for "annual", twelve different codes with twelve different billing periods would have to be set up, one for each month of the year.

This logic would need to be extended to the semi-annual and quarterly billing choices, too.

Given the limited number of codes and how cumbersome the total number of codes would be, I was curious if there was anyone out there who was utilizing this functionality and was able to make it work without these confusing high numnber of codes.



Jill Arenson
Service Manager