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Credit Order Hold Code

Hi all,

I have a problem with some Hold codes, we have been move from XE to 9.2.
When I created a new credit order in 9.2 this is generated with Hold Code "C3", the processing option from the version (P4210) is setup "Order Process Hold = CS" I have compare the information between XE - 9.2 and they have the almost the same setup(just more empty fields in 9.2). the Customer Master - Billing Information both systems have "Hold Orders Code = C3" so I think the mandatory is the Hold Code from the version.

Do you know what could happen that 9.2 is not generating the credit order with Hold Code "CS"?

All ideas will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Isabel Quiroga.


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Actually, you order could be on both holds CS and C3. we experienced an issue when we migrated from IBM iSeries to Oracle cloud that the hold codes were applied in reverse order i.e. Credit hold before the Customer master hold orders code. We applied an ESU to revert back to the original hold code order so Hold code in customer master would be applied BEFORE the credit hold. You situation could be similar? Have you tried releasing the C3 hold and see if it then shows CS hold for the order?


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When the order was entered, did you receive warnings saying the order was on hold? If so, did you expand them to see what hold codes were listed?
If your order is on multiple holds, you should be able to see that on P43070 Held Order Release and F4209 Held Orders.
Hi Aarto!

I just check and the order is in CS and C3 on the P43070, first I have to release the C3 and then CS the thing is that the credit hold and customer master hold order code is the same "C3". I think this like your issue first check the information from the customer and then goes to the processing options from the version. I will send my findings to the developers and I will let you know if I have news.

Thank You!!!