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Credit Check C1 Hold - Add additional Days


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Hello All,

We are on JDE 9.2 and have a requirement for Credit Check Processing:

Requirement: Our understanding is, Standard JDE puts order on Credit Hold C1, by checking the AR for pending invoices based on a Date calculated (Aging Date). We need to add X additional days(from UDC) to this date calculated by JDE and then allow the BSFN B4200420 to the credit logic. We are currently thinking of Cloning and changing the standard JDE BSFN. I am still trying to study and figure out the BSFN ( B4200420 -Credit Check Processing & B4200510 Accumulate A/R Balance logic). Any help or pointers will be appreciated.

Solution: Add X days to JDE Due date calculated. Never done this so not sure if possible.

Any ideas, alternated ways, pointers appreciated.