Credit Analysis Refresh Performance R03B525


I have a client who is experiencing lengthy processing of the R03B525. =
It seems that this has been a poor performing job in OW for some time. =
My client has a large number of customers who have frequent transactions =
and very often a large number of unapplied cash payments. At present =
there are about 1.6m records in the F03b11, with just 2 sites of 15 to =
go live and the job taking 5-6 hours we have a significant issue. We =
have a business need for the R03B525 to run nightly. Has anyone else =
experienced a similar issue and how have you gone about fixing the issue =
or what have JDE advised you to do?

OneWorld B733.2, Oracle 8.0, RS6000


Ged Halstead

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Ged Halstead
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Have a look on the knowledge garden. I know there have been some references
to performance on R03B525, and tuning to improve it.

We are on Xe, 4-way Compaq Intel NT4 Server and the job takes 15 minutes
with nearly 2 million rows, in B7321 it used to take over an hour, so there
have obviously been some improvements, I don't know if those can be retro
fitted to B733.2 or if you have them already.

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + 4 NT PC's for development


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Hi Ged,

Take a look at SAR 3804522 which points you to ESU JD6180.exe. We applied
this a couple of weeks ago and noticed run times dramatically reduced.



OW B733.2, SP 11.1
Sun Solaris/UNIX
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Also, you may want to look at the jde.ini file on the enterprise server. We
changed the Lock Manager section to Requested Service = none and it made a
dramatic difference to all of our long-running UBE's.

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there is a known sar that supposedly corrects this
issue. you can obtain it on KG. i noticed it
recently and wil be doing the same myself for a

al marmero
palarco consulting