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Creating your own ASU


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Hi folks,

We've recently installed some 140+ ESUs for Polish Localisation into DV. The ones needed plus their dependencies etc.

I seem to remember a CNC contractor on my travels before making his own ASU out of E1 objects of his own choice.

I plan to ask my CNC team to try and create an ASU from all the objects affected in the ESUs and install that into PY UT PD etc rather than the painstaking 140+ ESU approach they underwent in DV.

Is this possible?




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Its possible to just create an OMW Project with all of the necessary objects - and then just promote that project from DV to PY/UT/PD per your standard SDLC. However, any table conversions and other such steps that the ESU process performs will have to be done manually. You will uncover any such issues in PY when you promote from DV to PY, and will be then able to improve your promotion process through UT and finally have everything correct for your promotion to PD.