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Creating Standalone Write-Off using R03B50D when Single Inv. with Mutiple Lines Paid


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If a Receipt is made against a Single Invoice, that contains Multiple Invoice Lines, and Amount being applied is within the Invoice Tolerance Levels specified in R03B50D Apply Invoices P/O Tab, instead of Write-Off being automatically applied to last Line of Invoice by R03B50D, can Standalone Write-off Line be created instead?


Invoice #1 SFX 001 = $10,000
Invoice #1 SFX 002 = $15,000
Invoice #1 Total = $25,000

Receipt = $24,999.00 Created with no SFX identified on Receipt.

During R03B50D Run, W/O of 1.00 (within Tolerance) being auto booked to Invoice #1 SFX 002. However, would like new Standalone W/O line, UTIC = 25, created. Is this possible?

EnterpriseOne 8.10