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Auto Cash Receipts Algorithms


I'm implementing EDI 820 Inbounds and having trouble applying Cash with the Algorithms. The Customer is submitting 3 records to pay one Invoice:

1 - Inv# 12345 Pay Item 001 Amt $ 100.00
2 - Inv# 12345 Pay Item 002 Amt $ -5.00 Discount
3 - Inv# 12345 Pay Item 003 Amt $ -2.00 Damaged Goods

Check Amt is $ 93.00

Their may be 50 payments like this on a single Check.

The algorithms are applying Pay item 001 but summarizing all the subsequent pay items and create a single Chargeback for the batch.

I want to create chargebacks or write-offs with tolerances for the unmatched pay items.

How do I apply the Algorithms ?

any help would be greatly appreciated.