Creating a One line per address report

Shruthi Manas


I have to create a report and my columns need to include Address Number, alphaname, area code, mailing name, phone number, city,state,postal code and country.

I have created a buisness view using the tables : F5501, F1110 and F5515 and used joins.

How to I select my section layout and sort properties? and need help in the code part

This is what i have done

Hi Shruthi,
As this is a simple report, you can have a view over F0101 and you can do Table IO for phone and address details from the relevant tables.Hope this helps.
Hey Govind,

I'm very new to JDE

Need some more help.

So how do I select my section layout and sort data?

what do i need to add in my event rules?

i need a counter on the address number to calculate total number of address numbers

Please help.


Hi Shruthi,
When you are creating your report choose columnar or group depending on your requirement; select your business view and add the required columns to your layout.
If some columns are not part of your view, then add them as DD items. Then, in the DO section, call Table I/O Fxxxx.FetchSingle for the DD item columns like phone numbers,address line etc.
You can have a variable counter initialised and it can be incremented in your DO Section and output the value.

This should help you moving forward -
Hey Govind,

The logic worked and the output is perfect. Thanks for your help