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Createform O/P Issue

Hi - I have included in table in Createforms. If the number of rows in JDE PDF is more than 2, then the table in createforms appear in 2nd page. If it is 2 rows then table is appearing in 1st page. It means if the Create form is not able to accomodate the table in the 1st page, it is skipping the 1st page and printing the lines in 2nd page.

Is there way to print as many rows possible in page 1 and then continue to page 2.

Regards !
Thanks KS for the response. The table properties is matching however, if the detail contains 2 rows, it prints on 1st page of CF. If the JDE detail contains three rows, then CF prints all 3 in 2nd page. If JDE PDF contains 13 records then 5 rows prints in 2nd page of CF , next 5 rows print on 2nd page and the last three print on 3rd page.

I would have expected to print 3 on 1st page, 5 on seconda page and 5 on the last page of CF.

Not sure what is missing. Any further suggestions

Regards !


We use the table align the bottom of the page with the physical output and sort the Line items based on ascending or descending. Try P&C with multiple lines, it will be easy for you to understand the working.
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