Create Sales Order on Hold


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Hi all,

I need to do a setup when the user create a new Sales Order it's automatically put on hold if its sold to number is a new customer who wasn't reviewed its credit limit. Today a new customer it's added with value 1.00 in its credit limit to hold any new sales order, but I would like to leave it blank and make some setup letting Sales Order/Credit Management hold the order.

Is there any setup I can do to achieve this scenario?

My environment is XE SP24.11


You can put default 1 in DD for HOLD field.

iSeries, JDE E1 812

I believe you should be able to do this by putting a hold code on the Sold To account in the Customer Master. If you have a code that means new customer credit hold, your A/R department could review the account, release the order and take the hold code off the account so future orders would not be held. We have been doing this since 8.0, so it should work for you.


During Sales Order Creation U can put Hard Code Value C1 for particular that customer.