Cost Simulation - Routings


The cost simulation R5830812 is not including the routed hours on a few parts. Never seen this before. Cost roll is scheduled in two days! Anyone know what is going on here?


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Few things to check:

1. Ensure batch quantity on routers matches with batch quantity on Bills
2. Check Effective thru dates.
3. Ensure CPYP & OPYP have non-zero ( usually 100) on routing operations.

Hope it helps!


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Are these parts defined as Manufactured parts (stocking type "M")?
Besides checking the batch quantity on the routers, check the routing type (usually "M").
Is your R5830812 a copy of R30812? If so, is there any custom code in the copy that could be causing this?

Good luck!


Thank you for the responses. How do I check the routing type in the routers?

Yes, it is custom code from implementation. We do not currently have a developer that can tell us what is custom about it. Never had an issue with the custom code since 2007 however.