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Converting numbers to words in Spanish


Hello List,

We would like to be able to convert a numeric value into words (in Spanish). For example, for the number 1312 we would like to convert it to one thousand three hundred twelve (in the Spanish language). I did some research and found some existing business functions that may work.

These include:
N74S0020 (Convert Numbers to Words NER - Spain)
X00500S1 (Convert Numeric Value to Words - Spanish 1 (Female))
X00500S2 (Convert Numeric Value to Words - Spanish 2 (Male))
X00500S3 (Convert Numeric Value to Words - Spanish 3 (Female)- No Dec)
X00500S4 (Convert Numeric Value to Words - Spanish 4 (Male) - No Dec)
B76M0327 (Convert Numeric Value to Words Mexico)

There weren't any business function notes on any of these BSFNs. Has anyone worked with any of these? If so, which one would be the best to use?

Jennifer Grams

OneWorld XE - SP 16, AS/400 coexistent

David Robertson

Reputable Poster
Hi Jennifer,
I can't remember the business functions exactly, but I think you just pass it a number, and it passes back a string. I do remember looking at the 74S Spanish localisation however in B7332 for the cheque printing programme (the N74S0020 I think), and the translation was actually very poor (at least for Spain, it may be correct in countries with varying dialect).