Controlling multiple updates on table by different application

umang soni

Dear All,

I am New to E1, I have a query as below, please guide me.
The same table is used by many applications that updates the table rows.

I want to control that, if any application updating row number 10 of table then no other application should able to update the same record (row no 10) at a same time. that record should be locked for that transaction and user should be displayed a specific error for that like "this record cant be updated as same record is updated right now by other application"

You need to include a process known as record locking.

E1 gives you a BSFN to do this.

Prevent anyone else from amending the record by using this (this also checks if someone else has a lock and warns you)
N0000602 Reserve Object

Allow people to amend the record when the job is complete with this
N0000602 Remove Business Object Reservation

However, ALL the applications that can access that table/record you are worried need to have those checks in place.
You're welcome.

Just in case you're not sure, the GENKEY field is a concatenation of the key fields of the table. So KCOO, DOCO, DCTO, LNID for Sales Orders. Or just NUMB for something like F1201.

Remove spaces as you build the key :)
If session hangs while user locked the record you might have to manually clear the record in this table for that key.

By using BSFN

N0000602 Reserve Object

N0000602 Remove Business Object Reservation,

Prevent multiple users, access to update records in application.