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Column heading problem!


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Please refer to R03B429C (if you have)report template Even Rules in the OW.

I tried to find the value for a field under the Business Function. There's Available Objects box and also Data Structure box. What I was refering is, the Data Item field in the Data Structure box. I am not able to find for the value. As we can see in the Data Structure, there's RV Aging Category 1 <- szHeading1 (how to find for this value?).
This value printed the Aging Category in columns in the report as in 61-90, 91-120 and 120 above. I need to get the 31-60 column as well, but I am not able to find for the szHeading1 value. How do you assigned or find for this field's value? This goes to the same on the amount for the 31-60 column.

Hope that this information is enough to help you all to understand my problem. Please advice.

**********************THE CODING*************************

0066 // To retrieve column headings. This function is called separately based on
0067 // whether the user is aging by aging days or by the calendar/fiscal year
0068 // methods.
0069 If VA rpt_cAgingMethod_AGEM is equal to <List>
0070 Aging Heading Column Format
VA rpt_cAgingMethod_AGEM -> cAgingmethod
"4" -> mnTotalnumberofcolumns
UNDEFINED X mnBeginningAgingCategorydays
UNDEFINED X mnCurrentAgingdays
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory1
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory2
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory3
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory4
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory5
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory6
UNDEFINED X mnAgingDaysCategory7
RV Aging Category 1 <- szHeading1 <<<<<=== curent
RV Aging Category 2 <- szHeading2 <<<<<=== 61-90
RV Aging Category 3 <- szHeading3 <<<<<=== 91-120
RV Aging Category 4 <- szHeading4 <<<<<=== 120 above
UNDEFINED X szHeading5
UNDEFINED X szHeading6
UNDEFINED X szHeading7
UNDEFINED X szHeading8
UNDEFINED X szHeading9
UNDEFINED X cReturnedAgingCategory
VA rpt_jdAgingDate1_DGJ <- jdWrkDateDAG1
VA rpt_jdAgingDate2_DGJ <- jdWrkDateDAG2
VA rpt_jdAgingDate3_DGJ <- jdWrkDateDAG3
VA rpt_jdAgingDate4_DGJ <- jdWrkDateDAG4
VA rpt_jdAsOfDate_DGJ -> jdDateAsOf
UNDEFINED X jdDateForAging
0071 Else

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OneWorld XE B733.3
SP 13
Intel NT4-service pack 6A
Service Pack 2