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Coexistence - Vouchering in OneWorld


AS/400, A73.3 Cume 11, B73.3 SP 10

We have been experiencing problems with the Vouchering in OneWorld and the impact on item costs in the item master. Here is our scenario:

1. Inventory, Purchasing, and Receiving are in World
2. Accounting/Vouchering are in OneWorld
3. An item's purchasing unit of measure is set for case and the primary unit of measure is set for box.
4. A PO is cut for 10 cases (the purchasing cost is coming from the supplier/price catalog) at a cost of 120.00 per case.
5. The item is received in as 50 boxes (5 box/case).
6. The item master costs have the last in, weighted average, and purchasing costs as $24.00/box.
7. Once accounting vouchers the purchase order, the system is changing the last in and purchasing costs to 120.00 PER BOX. This is also impacting the weight average costs as well.

It has really had a detrimental impact to us and is causing our inventory valuation, COGS and commission calculations to be incorrect. I have called JDE on this and they were able to recreate the problem (Call # 4120690), but I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem (or had even noticed it).


DeeAnn M. Drew
Briggs Corporation
515-327-8740 (w)
515-327-6421 (f)