CITRIX Upgrade


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Has anybody installed the Citrix update for Metaframe 1.8.

Which includes Service Pack 2 and Feature Release 1

Any Problems encountered, did it go smooth (Hey I can hope can't I) etc etc


William "Brian" Wilkinson
Senior Technical Specialist
Quickie Manufacturing
[email protected]
856-829-7900 x143

JDEdwards OneWorld B7332 SP14.1
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Platform SP6a
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 SP2 with hot fix 851
Microsoft Mdac 2.5
Citrix Metaframe 1.8

William “Brian” Wilkinson
Quickie Manufacturing
[email protected]
856-829-7900 x143


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Hi there,

I've done this upgrade numerous times (not on the same server!!!). Its pretty straightforward - you shouldn't have any problems.


Sanjeev Harrish
Systems Architect